Gold Prospecting
Carolina Emerald Mine &
Vein Mountain Gold Camp
1694 Polly Spout Rd.,
Marion NC 28752
We employ a track hoe to dig out hundreds of yards of virgin gold placer and bedrock for you high banking enthusiasts at two different locations on the property. Emeralds and other gem stones can be found by simply placing a 1/8 inch, 36 inch square screen at the end of your high banker and visually inspecting the washed stone.
In 1995 the property was purchased for its placer gold reserves to be
worked recreationally. Emeralds were discovered by accident by my father,
Donald W. Davidson Sr., looking for a gold-bearing vein. After two years
of prospecting,many stratified granite pegmatite veins have been located.
According to geologists, the direction change of the river on the property
allowed the river to run across and erode the layers of folded bed rock.
This folded bed rock allowed the granite pegmatite veins to escape from deep
within the earth millions of years ago. Because of the size of some crystals, estimates place this vein's active life at 30,000,000 years.
Carolina Emerald Mine & Vein Mountain Gold Camp is located in the heart of one of
North Carolina's largest gold placer belts. The property is 30 acres in
size, with dredging, panning, and hand sluicing on over a mile of
the historic Second Broad River
and 1000 feet of Baker Creek.
All the gold and gem stones you find
are yours to keep. Remember, keep and eye out for those gem stones!
We have seen eagle-eyed gold dredgers find quartz laced with
gold and pegmatite imbedded with emeralds and many other crystals.
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